Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I gave myself two small tasks today:
Decorate the small display board I mentioned here
Do 5 exercises from a magazine article I tore out some time ago

While they are both completed here is how it went:
Go through pictures I printed recently to sort out the "beach" pics as that is my theme
Decide it is time to send off a round of pics to the relatives
Sort, envelope, address, stamp... for 6 different groups
Work on board
Get distracted by clutter on my work space and do some cleaning there
Finish board (which now looks great with pictures from the Washington coast and Cape Cod)
Peruse magazine article
Sit on couch and "practice" counting with son
Get on floor to do plank exercise
Get toes tickled by son - feign laughter
Get raspberried by son - feign laughter
Do plank exercise until son thinks I am a bridge and tries to crawl under, so I have to go higher, then I collapse the bridge on his toes.
Continue until son is sleepy and ready for a nap
Finish other 4 exercises half-heartedly

At least I finished :)

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