Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I cleaned out the medicine cabinet of all expired goods. I don't actually keep medicine in the cabinet, it is all beauty products...some of which expired before my wee one was born. Here are some guidelines. Lots of products have a symbol on the back of an opened container with an amount of time in it like "6m" so you know you can keep it for 6 months after opening.

I also cleaned out my medicine drawer which is on a high shelf in my linen closet out of the reach of little fingers. This has been cleaned out more recently. I was feeling awful and looking for cold meds when I discovered that almost everything was expired. When you go for about 18 months only taking Tylenol (due to pregnancy and breastfeeding) everything else goes to waste. This time the only thing expired was a left over prescription and a sunscreen. I also need to buy Tylenol and cold medicine since I still have none :).

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