Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today I took on a small clutter project. We had the ribbon board on the side of one of our kitchen cabinets and, in theory, it was a nice place to stick things. The problem was the things I stuck there:
business cards (then I forgot I had a business card and looked up the info online)
gift cards (then we would forget we had them - though finding $8 on a Starbucks card is nice)
postcards from my grandparents
cash (my husband asked me how much cash I thought was there and I guessed $20, I was off by $60! of and 50 in Filipino money)
bottle openers

The only thing that ever got touched again once it made it up there was the Broncos bottle opener (the Cape Cod one was worn out). So I took it down and disbursed the item to other "stash" places in the kitchen and am getting rid of the board.

On that note, I have another board for display and I like the idea of it, I just never know what to put up. I did the months of the year while I had a dye-cut membership and I have put together one or two displays but I am out of ideas. When my baby is older I have grand plans on making it a learning board where we choose something to study, say another country, then put up pictures and facts and one night cook a traditional food... But what to do with it now...

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