Friday, August 28, 2009

Dark hole

Today I sorted out under my kitchen sink. I was afraid of this project but it went surprisingly well. There was much less down there than I expected and the project went quickly. I found 3 cabinet locks for childproofing and it made me think that maybe it is about time to open the kitchen to Carter, at least some of the time. I put the locks on and let him in. He made a beeline for the triangular shelf in the corner and the Roomba...maybe I will childproof tomorrow.

On another note, my dinner went nicely last night. The cake was well received. I have a crystal cake plate but no dome so I had to plastic wrap it to keep my cat away. To keep the plastic off the cake itself I used specialty food picks, you know the ones for serving appetizers? Mine have stars on top so I spaced them around and it looked quite nice. If I wasn't such a glutton for cake I would make it more often.

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