Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where I have been

I gave myself some time off from blogging this weekend, though I still reorganized the snack cupboard. I am beginning to find it difficult to find something to do that still "counts" since I didn't want to do the same project twice and I didn't want to count the everyday items. Today I put things on my calendar. I had some stuff sitting in email and I moved it to my google calendar (nice little resource). I just read an article about being on-time and I have realized that I have gotten tardy, or just stopped having start times for events other than "lunch time" or "after nap." Since I haven't had to be time conscious I have chosen to let it go. I have a few events coming up this fall that have real start times so I need to work on this. My mantra has always been to let sleeping babies lie but I have to admit that I now have a little boy and if we need to be somewhere at 9:15 I can't count on him getting us up on-time.

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