Friday, September 11, 2009


Today I cleaned the dryer lint know that thing you clean before/after every load? Well, you would be amazed how much lint had accumulated down in the hole that didn't cling to the screen. I got a huge pile! I purchased a lint cleaner from Target (that I cannot find on their website. It looked like a toilet brush un-looped...all bristly. I had wanted a microfiber one but couldn't remember where I saw it so I went with what they had. This is another chore for my dad :). Floors and vents are his crusades (I have never seen him dust).

I am still devoting my free time to needle felting :)

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  1. It is amazing how babies grow so fast. I remember when my daughter was an infant. My mother brought her this beautiful pram from a very exclusive store in Beverly Hills. I put it away thinking it was too big for her at the time and would use it later. Wrong,when I went to pull it out I couldn't even zip it on her. Dang it. So its wrapped and put away for my first grandbaby.
    Kimberly3 swapbot