Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I worked on a Christmas project tonight (since it is a gift - no pics) - again with the sewing machine...I think I am having an affair with Ken(more) :). We have been on again off again for about 4 years but the past few weeks I have been seeing him almost nightly. Here he is:

My husband found him on the side of the road in Seattle and he required a $100 tune up but he gets me by. I have often dreamed of trading him in for a newer model, drawn by decorative stitches and tensioners that actually work. Maybe someday. As you can see he is set up at the kitchen table. I sometimes use him on the antique secretary but that only works for quick projects. While I am talking about my tools, here is the rest of the gang:

I have 3 pairs of scissors, indulgent, I know.

The nice pair, in the black sheath, were a Christmas gift a few years back. They are still super sharp and pretty amazing. The black handle are pinking shears that belonged to my great-grandmother. They have a dull portion towards the handle, but I can avoid it. Finally my nippers were a gift from my mil. These are so much better then the string cutter on Ken(more).

An old self healing blue mat and Sears yardstick (that my mom gave my Grandma in the 70s then my grandma gave me) are how I measure...hence the problems.

I also have my grandfather's ruler (he passed away in May) which is nice for small projects (like cutting a baby blanket every inch). It measures 6" and a pinch and is very handy - just like Bud Carter (who happened to be just about 6').

My final tool is a wonderful husband (no picture - sorry) who never complains about hauling Ken(more) in and out of the kitchen or about my fabric $pending or how I spend my evenings.

Sometimes I feel like I am working with some pretty old stuff, but then I remember the prairie women sewing clothes and quilts by hand and I think I am pretty lucky. Projects may take me a bit longer, but that just means they have more love in them.
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