Thursday, October 15, 2009

Memory lane

When my husband and I were first married we lived in a less then 500 square foot studio. I wanted everything to match so we had blue sheets with a cream duvet, a hand-me-down blue, cream (or was it dirty white?), and goldish 70s couch that was a wedding gift to my parents and I used this fabric to cover my painted white dining chair seats.
3ish years later my husband and I went to Florida and left our (3rd) apartment (now a bigger 1 bedroom) and kitty in care of friends. They draped the couch in red (a color I hadn't warmed up to yet) and covered the chairs in green. I was horrified when we got home but the damage was done. The white/cream in the couch was stained pink from the red fabric (that was too slick to stay on) so I bought a cream duvet and went with the new colors with this: My mil helped by making me throw pillows.
Unfortunately the green on the chairs was lightweight cotton and didn't survive long, so my mom helped me pick out a red and green that matched the red painted (it came that way) kitchen in our new townhome and didn't look like Christmas. The thing is, while my husband loved the colors and the stripes, I didn't. Well, we had a baby and had to rearrange the living room and suddenly the Ikea chair that was covered in the stripes was an eyesore. Maybe it was just me staying home with the boy but I was staring at it all day everyday. Finally I picked up some light blue fleece and covered it up and that began the transformation. Here is the pillow I covered Tuesday.

Now the pillows are 2 navy, 1 red, one blue and red, one 3 blues and the lovely one that incorporates all, seen above. The thing is - no green. So the ottoman (previously green) is next on my list. I am going to make a removable (kid-friendly) cover in a yet to be determined fabric. There are also the kitchen chairs but those are fine (for now). :)

Thank you for reminiscing with me.
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