Monday, October 19, 2009

My first big blanket

Last week I started work on a picnic blanket following this tutorial. All of the top fabrics are from my stash. I had intended a different layout but got mixed up and it would have take a lot of seam ripping to fix it, so I left it. (I was near tears that night.)

I had to purchase the backing fabric and batting. In the pictures you can't see but the white and red fabrics have small yellow flowers and since I couldn't match the red, green or blue, I went with it.

I followed the tutorial except that I added a ribbon to tie up the blanket, it is sewn into one of the seams. This was my hubby's idea.

On another note, I made this small blanket from this tutorial to go with my other flannel blanket. All of the ribbon was stuff I had on hand!! I tried to use one of the decorative stitches on my ancient machine and it didn't go to well, but it will hold tight. :) I think I will be doing more of these, it was super easy!!
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