Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday I undertook organizing my stash. Most of my fabric is not from purchases that I made. I have raided my mom's stash and been given a lot of remnants by my mother-in-law. All of it collected in a big box under my bed unfolded, unsorted, unorganized and basically unknown to me. Yesterday I pulled it all out. I folded the big pieces 1-2 yards and bigger that are mostly from my redecorating projects. I then sorted, trimmed, ironed and folded the smaller pieces.
Here is half of it sorted by color (and out of reach of my little one).
Here it is in process. I used the guide to fold it all into 5 inch squares.
And here it all is.
I even discovered some great 'vintagey' stuff.
I can easily tell where I got each piece. The pieces from my mom (the craft-er) are mostly unwashed quarter to half yard pieces with squares cut out of them. The pieces from my mil (the sew-er) are washed, surged on 2-3 edges but they had ragged pieces cut out of them for applique. I trimmed the edges before folding and only had to throw a few pieces in the wash (cat hair). The pieces I purchased in highscool are mostly not 100% cotton, not washed and overall crappy. I am excited to look at my project list and see what I can use. I need to find an easy apron pattern for some of the blue, red, green, yellow 80s stuff.
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