Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I windexed everything that can be windexed on the first floor of my house. I even did my windows on the inside. It was hard to wipe away the finger prints and kitty noses but I know they will be back. It is surprising how much grime collects on the inside of your windows. Now I need to do the outside. I want to try the new windex product, especially since one of my windows would require a 2-story ladder. I am up before my boy thanks to heat, opened windows and the garbage man.

I looked up domesticity: Home-life or devotion to it. Hmmm...nothing about the balancing act of running a home...the cooking, the cleaning, the bills, the childcare... I do like the word devotion though. I wouldn't say I am devoted to my home as I would gladly trade it in (for a bigger one of course) but I am devoted to my husband and son, my home-life. Off to pick some zucchini. I will have to write about my garden sometime.

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