Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Since it is sweltering here in the northwest, I have decided not to exercise. You could say I am on strike. This has freed up some time during my little one's morning nap. I just finished labeling my husband's dresser drawers. I love my label maker. I also love my husband. He keeps his drawers pretty neat so I only have to reorganize them every few months. When he can't find something he flips one pile onto another to look through so the items stay folded, just not in the right spots. I know I should let it be but I am the one to put things away so I like to be able to put them where he can find them (and avoid needless pile flipping and "have you seen my...?"). I thought about doing my own but since I am they only one who sees them it would be a waste of label maker tape. I brought the labeler down to my kitchen to see if anything needed labeling but got distracted by the cans of tomato sauce from Costco tucked in a corner and after putting them away I lost the urge to label.

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