Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Plan

In 2010 I have a new plan for keeping up on my least favorite domestic duties: the ones that involve cleaning!

Each day I am going to have a weekly chore and a monthly chore. For example today was a Tuesday so I did my 1st floor floors and today was the 5th so I cleaned the inside of my windows.

Here are my weekly chores:
Monday - Laundry
Tuesday - 1st floor floors
Wednesday - pick up upstairs (downstairs gets done nightly)
Thursday - upstairs floors
Friday - shine my kitchen
Saturday - orgainze the entry way (put away shoes, clean the drop zone and hang all coats)
Sunday - meal planning

I will post the monthly chores later but so far I have:
1 - check in with my finances, bills, receipts
2 - update calendars and display board
3 - clean light fixtures
4 - dust ceiling mouldings
5 - windows

So far so good :)

I am still trying to do 1 thing a month for myself and last month I got a new haircut that I love:

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