Friday, January 8, 2010

My kitchen is sparkling

And bare. Today is Friday which is clean the kitchen day but it is also the 8th which is wipe down appliances (the 6th was dust anything hanging on the walls and the 7th was Windex all other glass - maybe too similar...). Since they hit on the same day I decided it was a double whammy and I SCRUBBED my kitchen. I took EVERYTHING off the counters and stove and scrubbed the counters. I took the utensils out of their canister and the pasta out of the jars and the tea out of the tin...and I washed it all...well my dishwasher is washing some of it. Don't forget that your dishwasher can be a workhorse: Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher Real Simple. I cleaned the inside of the toaster oven and scrubbed the espresso maker. I even washed out the recycle bin.

The only thing I didn't do was my fridge. Clean the inside of the fridge and microwave is the 20th and I was out of space to put all of the pictures that are on it so I will wipe it down that day too. I forgot I had a special day for the inside of the microwave so it will get done twice this month.

Almost an hour later I am relaxing and wishing I could make a latte (but can't because some of the parts are in the dishwasher).

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