Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More crafts

I have been doing somethings other than crafting: windows, floors, dusting, a bit of Christmas cheer... but crafting is the most fun. I decided to give this tutorial a try. Some thoughts:
No one has that many pristine target bags around...hmmm
Really it isn't worth it...they are super cute but too labor intensive

I made my "cloth" using Target christmas bags with Albertson's bags in the middle. The "cloth" took forever to make.

After making this shopping tote I wondered why the seams are on the outside... so when my husband requested a lunch bag I put them on the inside.

It is big enough to hold a square ziploc storage container flat in the bottom and a few more lunch goodies. It velcos when you roll it over just like the one he had in Jr. High.

I am done with that "cloth"idea. For me:

I also made this scarf and it was a breeze. Instead of a rectangle I made mine a trapezoid...rhombus...whatever...it had points

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