Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have been busy crafting for the past month. I took an old sweater and made a pillow, leg warmers and a caplet for my friend's daughter. For my cousin's daughter I made a pair of leg warmers out of clearance socks and a bag using a technique that allows the handles to be continuous and not need to be attached - NOT worth it. I finished a flannel blanket that my cat loves. I made bakerella's oreo balls for my son in the shape of Elmo and I need practice. I also made him a cube with a button, a zip, a snap and a buckle that took hours and he ignore. I then spent hours making fabric letter magnets and he LOVES them. The red bag is my sewing circle project for the month. I am super excited about this new group of women forming.

The last project I did in February was to make 2 purses. One for my friend and one for myself. Mine is boring but the one I made for my friend is pretty - I just forgot to take pictures. It is like this bag but with wooden handles. Sorry Carlie, no pic :(.
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  1. Love the elmo pops - they are hard to make! I made the basic ones for Thanksgiving and that was challenging enough. :) Love the sweater pillow and it's okay that you don't have a pic of Jenn's bag b/c I saw it in-person. So cute!